Core Connection Mini-Course

Pain-free movement starts here

Are you sick of feeling:

  • stiff when you get up from sitting
  • achey after being in one position for too long
  • exhausted from tossing and turning in bed all night
  • discomfort after being on your feet all day long
  • guilty because you can't get down on the ground to play with your other kids like you used to
  • held back from doing the things you enjoyed pre-pregnancy 

Are you tired of:

  • hearing people tell you it's just part of getting older or being a parent
  • relying on other providers like chiropractic, PTs, massage, or craniosacral treatments to make you feel good
  • stretching the same muscles over and over with minimal/temporary relief
  • wishing you had the tools to get rid of the pain

If you answered 'yes' to any of these Q's this mini-course is for you.

This is for you if:

  • You have chronic neck, back, or hip pain that just wont go away
  • You are years postpartum and struggle to feel your abs during movement
  • You can't seem to get the diastasis recti gap to close no matter how much rehab you do
  • You want to tools to reduce and avoid future discomfort (anywhere in your body)

What you'll get:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to mini-course with exercise videos + all future updates ($499 Value)
  • Exercises that teach you to properly engage your core, improve postural alignment, and a better understanding of your own body
  • BONUS: Pelvic Floor Masterclass to dive deeper into the pelvic floor ($199 Value)

Common symptoms Core Connection helps with:

  • neck pian
  • mid-back pain
  • low back pain
  • hip pain/un-even hips
  • diastasis recti 
  • SI joint pain
  • sciatica
  • groin pain
  • low belly 'mom' pooch
  • chronic feeling of 'stiffness'

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