Birth Prep Guide


You should not have to feel miserable in pregnancy

What if you could manage the pelvic pressure that comes by the end of the day?

What if you were able to have confidence in your body to give birth?

What if you could ditch the fear of tearing during birth?

The kegel free method

The last pelvic floor therapy advice you’ll ever need… where you come when you’re finally ready to ditch the mainstream birth prep and use a method that honors your body.

‘The kegel free method’ is your step by step guide teaching you the exact strategies I used to delivered two babies (without tearing) but most of all had a completely peaceful and confident labor + delivery

I didn’t want to be restricted in pregnancy

I had a toddler to chase around, a business to grow, and house to maintain. I wasn’t going to allow being pregnant as a barrier to keeping up with life.

My third trimester started in the spring months where being outside is a must doing yard work, gardening, playing with my daughter, swimming in the lake, and so many other fun activities many pregnant people don’t feel good enough to do.

I knew this was the best way to keep up with life + prep my body for birth..

Does this sound familiar?

Bracing for pain when you get dressed

Tossing in bed all night long because you can’t find a comfortable position

Cringe that you need to roll over in bed and know how much pain it’s going to cause

Feel a heavy pressure in your pelvis by the end of the day

Fear you’re going to tear during birth and be miserable postpartum

Giving birth isn’t the scary part

What’s scary is not having the tools that honor your pregnant body or the confidence in your ability to give birth.

You don’t push the baby out with your pelvic floor.  The uterus does. And the pelvic floor can’t get out of the way if you don’t learn to lengthen the muscles so they can stretch for you when birth comes.

After my past two births I am dedicated to serving women throughout pregnancy.

Within the kegel free method, I teach you how to feel like a queen during pregnancy and head into birth J-Lo like confidence your body was made to do this.

This will be the last pelvic floor therapy advice you ever need.

What you'll get:

  • PDF download of video exercises that improve postural position, create space for baby, and teach you to lengthen your pelvic floor for birth ($1,399 Value)
  • Education on how to support the first postpartum poop ($27 Value)
  • Tips on ways to create less waste in your postpartum season ($27 Value)
  • PDF Download will be sent via email

This is for you if:

  • You are expecting a baby (whether it is your first or fourth)
  • Searching for a different approach to prepping your whole body for birth
  • Solidifying your confidence to know your body was made to give birth

Let's give birth, shall we?


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