Meet Dr. Hillary!


She is our Doctor of Physical Therapy, a classical Pilates teacher, Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, and has advanced training in Postural Restoration techniques.

She has a passion for pelvic health, wellness, low-toxic living, nutrition, reducing waste, movement, and pilates.

She is a wife and mama to 2 beautiful children under 4. Her daughter is what sparked her interest and passion for pelvic health. She felt alone and isolated during her postpartum season with all the symptoms she was experiencing in her new body. She knew there had to be other women in the same boat. Her goal is to lead women out of the dark when it comes to pelvic floor symptoms and make sure no one feels alone.

Dr. Hillary was born and raised in Minnesota. The kitchen is her favorite place to be. She enjoys cooking and baking nutrient dense foods for all to enjoy. 


My Different Approach


Postural Restoration (PRI)

A holistic approach that integrates all of the body systems and respects the natural imbalances within the body. The muscles and bones are heavily influenced by other systems within our body. The movements are guided by the breath to restore alignment with in the body.


Teaching is a passion of mine. I’m here to empower you to know and understand your body better than when we started working together. I provide you with different tools and resources to empower you to manage your symptoms on your own.


 Created by Joseph Pilates is a method of movement designed to strengthen the body in a balanced way. It integrates the breath with movement to eliminate toxins from the lungs and improve physical health. The movements are dynamic, controlled, and flowing.


An ancient, holistic form of alternative medicine that applies vacuum pressure with cups that lift the connective tissue away from the skin. It helps to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, and release toxins in the tissue.

“It is health that is the real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver.”


- Mahatma Gandhi