Whole body focused Physical Therapy services

At The Wellness PT, our Doctor of Physical Therapy provides one-on-one, patient centered care to help you maintain the active and healthy lifestyle you deserve. Whether you are training for an athletic event or chasing children around, you are made to move well, leak-free and symptom-free.

The Wellness PT is all about you; no cookie cutter treatment or double bookings.

Care is based on your goals, and getting you back to what you enjoy.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

An expert in evaluating and treating the pelvis and it's muscles for all genders. On a mission to normalize the conversation around pelvic floor complaints - leading people out of the dark and into a symptom free life. Common issues treated include:


Orthopedic Physical Therapy

An expert in helping people find relief from things like pain and movement dysfunctions. Treatment is not only geared to get you out of pain but help crush your goals and keep you out of our office. Common complaints: 

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