Online Programs

Take back control of your floor

Balanced Below

What it is --> my signature online pelvic floor program. A 6-week exercise program to balance your pelvic floor + whole body on your own time.

Who it is for --> anyone struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction especially in a postpartum season

Why people love it --> you get lifetime access to use in future postpartum seasons + there is a lot of extras included in the program

Find your abs again

Core Connection

What it is --> A mini-course that teaches you how to reconnect and correctly use your abdominal muscles.

Who it's for --> Any person who feels like they could use some ab rehab

Why people love it --> Because you get restorative techniques that will actually engage and activate your core to support your body through any movement.

Be a rockstar during birth

Birth Prep Guide

What it is --> PDF digital download with video links to restorative exercises that will prepare your body for birth.

Who it is for --> Anyone that is pregnant

Why people love it --> You're body will just feel good + you will be opening up space for babe to be in optimal position

jump higher + lift heavier things

Pelvic Fit Workshop

What it is --> 90 minute pre-recorded workshop all about the pelvic floor and high intensity exercise

Who it is for --> People that want to reduce pelvic pain, pressure, or urinary leakage with things like jumping and lifting heavy weights

Why people love it --> You can wear other colors than black leggings to the gym + feel confident and comfortable doing the exercises