Infant Craniosacral Treatment

craniosacral treatment infants release restriction

This is meant to be informational for any mamas curious why I take R to see a craniosacral therapist. She has been to one since she was a week old. 

The birthing processing can be hard on mamas pelvic floor (or tummy) as well as the babe being birthed. Babies cranial bones mold to fit through the birth canal and their bodies are squeezed through it.

We have to remember - babies are tiny humans. 

They have restrictions or tightness especially after the birth process. Whether it was the birth process itself or the position babe sat in utero for the last couple months of development before birth. Long story short - babies CAN and DO have tightness and restrictions.

After birth, if the cranial bones don’t form to their correct positions due to tightness or tension within the body it can interfere with cranial nerve function. Which can lead to breathing, swallowing, digestive, or sensory-motor impairments along with colic.

Craniosacral therapy can help regulate the nervous system and release any tension within the body. It have help balance the soft tissue restrictions from birth or in utero positioning. Which in turn can help with breastfeeding issue, colic, reflux, sensory issues, torticollis, plagiocephaly (flat head), and fussiness.

R has been seeing Brittney Volker at Unwind here in Alexandria, MN since she was a week old. R had a lot of restrictions through her neck, shoulders, and upper back area. She needed some releases through her sacrum as well. Brittney is also a lactation consultant, she is the one that assessed R for a tongue tie.

Babies with tongue ties tend to have a nervous system that is stuck in extension due to the myofascial tightness throughout head, neck, and shoulder areas of the body.

R originally was very restricted in looking to her left. We hadn’t even noticed that until after her first treatment session. We continued to get weekly sessions before and after her tie release. She continued to have the neck, shoulder, and upper back tightness from the compensation patterns she was using in order to breastfeed (before the release).

Now, she has dropped to going once a month. She requires minimal releases and short sessions. Her body is starting to maintain the releases.

If we would have never seen Brittney - R most likely would have went undiagnosed with a tongue, possibly could have had torticollis, a flat spot on her head from the inability to turn fully to her left, etc.

So - in MY opinion, I encourage all mamas to have their babes see an infant craniosacral therapist.

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