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This one is short and sweet. Just a little insight on how I guide my little love to master a skill she is learning.

Infancy through toddlerhood has major milestones that occur. If you have children, I am sure that you have heard of the term ‘leap’ before. It’s a period of time during the first 20 months of a child’s life where they go through major mental development aka. leaps. There are 10 leaps during these first 20 months of life. Your child can be extra clingy, whiny, cry more often, cranky, etc during this time frame.

Think of going to sleep and waking up in a completely new place. This is quite similar to what our child experiences while going through leaps. They learn, develop, and practice new skills during these time periods of leaps. Although, they are constantly refining and fine tuning skills every single day.

There will be times I notice R wanting to master a skill she doesn’t quite have yet by using/doing things I don’t necessarily want her to be. I redirect her with other objects or safer options for her to use/do to master the skill.

My latest example comes from her wanting to learn how to unscrew a jar. She was wanting to use jars that have lotion, oils, spices, powders, things that I don’t want her getting in to to practice. So, I took out some empty smaller tins, old makeup jars, spice jars, a couple bigger options like an old corn starch container, and collagen container for her to practice unscrewing. It keeps her preoccupied for a solid while and I don’t have to worry she is getting into a container that has things I don’t want her eating. Allows mama some free time to work and write some blog posts.

Other ideas for skill building playtime:

Scooping/pouring skill- grind up some cereal and put it in a large container to play with. Edible sensory bin!

Lay a large towel down and bring some snow inside in a container for them to play with

Homemade play dough - a wealth of recipes can be found on Pinterest

Homemade paint with flour, a splash of water, and natural coloring - beet root powder, spirulina, blue spirulina, turmeric

Play on the couch cushions - teach from a young age to turn around safely to get down from a high surface with only guidance as needed from you

Build a fort with blankets

Climb on top of boxes or a laundry basket with your support

Scooping balls in/out of water

Pulling tape

Stacking activities

Cherrio threading

Color matching with 2-3 colors

Play with them! They enjoy the connection and watching you do a task to learn from you.

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